In this bonus episode, Ontic’s Co-Founder, Tom Kopecky, switches seats with our podcast host, Fred Burton, to discuss key findings from Ontic’s recently released 2021 Mid-Year Outlook State of Protective Intelligence Report.

Tom and Fred discuss current trends as companies embrace hybrid work and employees return to the office, as well as the aftermath of January 6th. They also highlight the biggest changes from the 2021 State of Protective Intelligence Report, including:

  • Regulation and compliance reporting — The need to measure has risen to the top of the biggest 2021 challenges of physical security leaders, as has benchmarking and measurement to demonstrate return on investment.
  • Effectively assessing physical threats — While still high on the previous list, this category reflected a significantly bigger challenge to overcome in the mid-year report.
  • Cyber-physical convergence — Unification and seeing all information (cyber and physical) under the same lens is critical, and is fortunately well underway in many industries this year.

For more information on what lies ahead, listen to the full podcast and download a copy of the report at

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