Threat Detection

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An integrated view of OSINT activity, public data and event alerts

Ontic’s Real-Time Threat Detection helps security teams capture critical signals from multiple sources including weather, social media, geo risks with public events, human intelligence and technology systems so that they can leverage data and interactive maps to establish situational awareness and detect security threats to the business for a coordinated, proactive response.

Explore how to gain situational awareness with real time threat intelligence technology

Connected, relevant information

Use advanced threat detection tools such as smart data feeds and interactive layered maps to continuously gather data across social media, the dark web, weather, and geo risks with public events to know where threats exist, keep track of changing situations and react quickly to early risk indicators.


Advanced, integrated context

Surface the signals that matter with physical threat detection to see potential threats to people, assets and business operations and understand how they relate to your environment and assess the severity of the risk.

Proactive, actionable workflows

Gain visibility into the entire threat landscape with real-time data feeds and continuous threat intelligence gathering from a variety of sources (people, incidents, social media, RSS feeds, IoT devices and more). Have confidence that when a signal surfaces, your team can detect and respond quickly with further investigative research to make informed decisions.


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With Ontic's real time threat monitoring, teams are prepared to:

DUA - Discover


See suspicious activity and critical signals through the noise with real-time curation and alerts

DUA - Understand


Bring together data, people and processes to develop advanced understanding and gain context to support seamless communication

DUA - Act


Ensure a coordinated response with connected workflows to activate operations and facilitate action

By 2025, 70% of CEOs will mandate a culture of organizational resilience to survive coincident threats from cybercrime, severe weather events, civil unrest and political instabilities.

(GARTNER 2021)


Ontic is a giant magnet to pull the needle out of a haystack!

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Ontic is the only tool that we get reliable and consistent social media data from.

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Operate with confidence as Ontic is SOC 2, HIPAA compliant, and configured for GDPR and CCPA regulations.