Real-Time Threat Detection

Early detection leads to prevention

Get actionable insights with OSINT activity, weather analysis, public events, geo risks and more with Ontic’s real-time threat monitoring.

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Purpose-built for
early threat visibility

Want to detect security threats while there’s still time to act? Discern critical signals through the noise to gain more accurate situational awareness.

Detection for all the moments that matter

Ontic provides an integrated view of critical OSINT activity, public data, and event alerts so you get the real-time insights you need to keep the business secure.

Connected, relevant data
  • Smart, real-time data feeds
  • Broad OSINT, dark web, weather, and public events
  • Connected database of potential threat actors
Proactive, actionable workflows
  • Digital, centralized SOPs
  • Self-service, standardized workflows
  • Role-based permissions and task assignments
Metrics and reporting
  • Key performance metrics tracking
  • Shareable reports with ready-made charts
  • Critical insights on real-time threat intelligence
Advanced, integrated context
  • Visibility of known and unknown threats
  • Interactive layered maps for optimal visibility
  • Integrated research and investigation sources
Customizable integrations
  • Connected internal systems and devices
  • Ingestion of other relevant data sources
  • Shared intelligence across the organization

Senior Director of Security Nonprofit Organization
“Ontic is a giant magnet to pull the needle out of the haystack!”
Fortune 10 Retail Company
“When I have a time sensitive or high visibility case, I rely on Ontic to provide results as quickly as possible so I am providing my leadership with the most accurate and real time updates”
Leading Nonprofit Organization
“We're planning different ways to incorporate Ontic with our various programs and methodologies, as it is a good tool for initial research, centralizing data, collaboration, and gathering metrics.”

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