A Modern Approach to Managing GSOCs with Jesse Leeds

Fred Burton is joined by Jesse Leeds, the Global Head of Security and Crisis Management for Match Group, the parent company of popular dating platforms like Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid, and Plenty of Fish. With a career spanning roles at the CIA, FBI, and Bogaard Group International, Jesse brings a wealth of experience in security and crisis management. Listen as Jesse shares his journey from the public to the private sector, discusses the biggest challenges in transitioning between these worlds, and offers invaluable advice for those looking to set up a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). 

Fred and Jesse dive into the metrics that matter for measuring the success of GSOCs, evolving duties of care in a post-pandemic world, and strategies for future-proofing security operations. Tune in for expert advice on navigating the fast-moving threat landscape and what the future holds for GSOCs. Don’t miss this in-depth conversation packed with security and crisis management expertise. 

Listen to Fred Burton’s conversation with Jesse to hear about: 

  • Building alignment with leadership on requirements and technology for standing up a GSOC
  • The essential metrics for assessing the effectiveness of a GSOC 
  • Evolving security challenges in the post-pandemic era and Jesse’s strategies for anticipating and mitigating emerging threats

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