Centralize data and simplify corporate investigations

Manage a wide range of corporate investigations and cases

Investigations are time-sensitive, often require in-depth probing and are critical for avoiding or reducing a variety of risks - from fines to legal fees to reputational damage. Ontic’s corporate investigations solution provides unmatched flexibility to ensure that every stage of an investigation is actionable for swift case resolutions to help make informed decisions.

You can't afford to be unprepared when incidents need investigating

Maintain integrity throughout the investigation

With a central place for collaboration and connected research, you can ensure that documentation, evidence and activities are consistently tracked and stored.


Identify and recognize warning signs

Capture pre-incident indicators and alerts from any source so your team can watch for escalating concerns and act on high-risk signals to investigate and assess.

Make decisions with confidence

Be a trusted advisor to leadership by providing customized, in-depth reports on active cases, identified trends and recommended resolutions to help mitigate risks.


Ready to see Ontic's complete corporate investigations solution?

Elevate your corporate investigations and security with a central place for end-to-end investigations and case management designed for your unique needs

Investigations of incidents, tips, people, workplace issues, threat alerts

Integrated access to open-source data and public records research

On-going monitoring of case-related public data and records

Customizable in-depth metrics
and reporting for actionable resolutions

Ontic is by far the most dynamic platform as it relates to researching POIs, conducting investigations and general research. It brings all of these things that are traditionally housed in separate spaces into one.

Sr. Manager, Fraud and Investigations, Top 50 of America’s Largest Private Companies

A Time100 Most Influential Companies (2021) client reports avoidance of over $1.2 million annually in insurance claims and liability through the tracking and reporting of incidents and investigations in the Ontic platform.


Clients and their leadership reported that they are more confident in the safety of their organization upon implementation of the Ontic platform.