Below are a series of resources vetted for accuracy by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence. There is a lot of misinformation circulating on the conflict and we hope this serves as a resource as you work through your risk mitigation, business continuity and security plans.

History of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
It is crucial to have a complete understanding of the conflict even from its infancy. The below resources help to contextualize the issue at hand, especially for those requiring deeper analysis on the happenings.

Risk to Global Supply Chain
The conflict poses a significant threat to global supply chains and to the businesses that have employees, assets and customers in the region. The below resources cover supply chain issues related to politics and the effect on nationally operated corporations.

Cybersecurity Implications
Cyber operations continue to play a crucial role in the Russian Ukrainian war. Both directed and responsive cyber activities will be critical for organizations within globally interconnected systems.

Geopolitical Analysis
There are many geopolitical and intelligence analysts doing deep-dives of all things related to the ongoing conflict. The below resources are for those looking for a much more in-depth analysis from trusted experts.

Multinational Corporation Impact
This conflict undoubtedly has major repercussions on the global economy that will trickle down to every business. Below are resources that discuss the impact these events inflict on corporations, their business continuity, and the economy as a whole. 

Military Intelligence
A collection of intel on military activity and operations are below. 

Nuclear Developments
As the conflict advances, nuclear developments have been brought to the forefront of the conversation as Russia contemplates its strategy moving forward.

Tactical Strategies
Both Russia and Ukraine’s tactics have evolved due to the scope of the conflict widening. Here are some of the logistical shifts that have occurred and the greater impact they have.

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