Flexibility has taken on an entirely new meaning for security professionals in the era of COVID-19, but for those in the executive protection space, there are intricacies to the role that have been impacted in ways not even the most skilled practitioner could predict.

In this episode, Fred Burton sits down with John Haynes, Senior Director, Protective Intelligence and Operations at Dell Technologies, to discuss the lasting impact that the pandemic has had on his area of expertise — executive protection. He shares the two biggest changes to his role, where technology comes into play (hint: it’s crucial), and where he sees things evolving in the next three to five years.

John Haynes has responsibility for the company’s executive protection, protective intelligence and event security programs. Prior to his position with Dell, John served many years with the U.S. Government in various assignments around the world, to include security, protection, threat analysis, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

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