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Hear stories and advice from women working within a wide range of positions in security, protection, and law enforcement. For a complete list of our podcasts, please visit ontic.co/podcast.

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Think Like an Intelligence Analyst – Deciding What Matters and How to Share It

When a superior in your career tells you “so what?” in response to the presentation of an idea, it can either break you or motivate you to prove your point further. For Sandy Perez, Lead Intelligence Analyst for Alcon, this…

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Forging Her Own Path: Creating a Threat Intelligence Company from Scratch

Identifying who could be posing a threat to an organization is far from a one-person job. It takes the right training and a team that represents multiple viewpoints and areas of expertise beyond security. Janet Lawless had a vision to…

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Soft Skills That Set Security Professionals Apart When Moving From Public to Private Sectors

Whether it’s a SWAT team investigation or organized retail crime, there’s always more to the story than it appears. The simple, but often overlooked skill of taking time to listen to people, versus reacting to surface-level information, allows investigators to…

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The Crucial Role of Critical Infrastructure Protection in Security

Many listeners remember where they were on 9/11. For Lt. Charnele Sanders, Special Projects Manager (Security and Integrity) at Great Lakes Water Authority, her career in protection was inspired by the events of 9/11 and the repercussions of securing assets…

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The Intersection of Privacy, Compliance, and Security — Why a Unified Front Minimizes Risk

Karen Moore, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer at Unisys, is responsible for the design and implementation of Unisys’ global compliance program and is charged with oversight of its cross-functional privacy program. She reports to the General Counsel and the Board…

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Bridging the Gap Between Human Resources and Security: Strategies for Partnership

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event to inspire change. For Melissa Muir, a Human Resources (HR) professional committed to bridging the gap between security and HR, this realization came to her as she was about to embark on an employee…

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Blend In or Stand Out: Lesser-Known Security Strategies with Mónica Duperon Rodriguez

Mónica Duperon Rodriguez didn’t start out in law enforcement or security. Instead, she was working as a facilities manager at a recreation center when she was recruited into a local police department that was looking to hire more women. Starting…

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The Art of Helping Clients Find Lifestyle Appropriate Security with Kate Bright

This podcast is the first in our monthly series — Women Who Protect, where we will spotlight women working in a wide range of positions within security, protection, and law enforcement. Envisioning a perfect line that depicts the career progression…

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Announcing the Women Who Protect Podcast Series

It’s no secret that the security industry has been a male-dominated field in decades past, and continues to be today. But as time has passed, more and more women are emerging as leaders in the industry, helping to implement transformational…

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