Ontic for Driver Programs

Transforming the vetting process to mitigate risk

As businesses continue to ramp up hiring to meet the increased demand of product deliveries and transportation logistics, many employers lack the resources to do little more than check a box when it comes to vetting their driver fleet and vendors. What’s more, there’s no process in place to ensure that once vendors and contractors become partners, they remain suitable associates.

Whether it be full time employee drivers or contracted services from other businesses, organizations can be exposed to significant risk from a safety and compliance standpoint.


A limited view of risk and a lack of process

More often than not, employers lack a standard methodology to investigate and collect relevant, compliant data on new driver programs. Additionally, employers face challenges when it comes to continuously monitoring drivers because it is seemingly expensive and is considered difficult to accomplish at scale.

Yet, failing to take appropriate steps to be a safe, compliant operator leaves companies vulnerable to disruptions in business continuity and potentially liable for the risk their vendors may generate.

With Ontic’s continuous monitoring and safety solution, vendor management teams can assess and mitigate risk related to driver programs—at scale and all within a single software platform.

Integrated investigative tools

Get real-time updates and notifications related to criminal activity, major traffic citations and sex offender watchlist inclusion.

Continuously monitor Department of Transportation records for safety, business compliance, registration and insurance status with automatic notifications upon status change.

Mine over nine million online sources and social feeds to detect adverse media and news that can negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

Save, store, report and share information in an integrated database, improving collaboration across teams and increasing efficiency.

Rich link analysis capabilities

Gain visibility into connections a vendor or driver may have to non-compliant business associations or other high risk individuals as well as flag vendors who have previously tried to circumvent the screening process and quickly alert your team to the activity.

Robust metrics and reporting

Generate customizable and shareable investigative reports and dashboards with one click to streamline team workflow and collaboration.


Threat Data Compliance

Ontic is HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliant, eliminating concerns around data privacy for employees and contractors alike.


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