From Three Ring Binders to a Digital Threat Database

The situation

With a growing list of persons of interest (POI) stored in antiquated and decentralized tools, like a traditional three ring binder, it was nearly impossible to ensure the security team at this global biotechnology company was working with the latest data. They lacked the ability to quickly connect threats to historical data - unsure if an incident was entirely new or part of a pattern from prior months or years.

The team had little to no time to initiate an investigation when a threat did surface. As any security professional knows, even the smallest hunch that something isn’t right can distract your focus from the larger picture of keeping people and assets safe.


The solution

With piles of handwritten documents, it was far too easy to overlook important details. Using the Ontic Protective Intelligence Platform, the security team was able to catalog over five years of threat data within a digital, easily searchable central location.

With the digitization of their access control records, when potentially threatening visitors arrive on campus, the security team isn’t frantically searching through a binder when potential threats emerge.

Through Ontic's Incidents, Investigations and Case Management solution, the team gained an all-in-one central destination for the entire investigation life cycle along with dynamic collaboration to ensure progress and build a detailed audit trail.

For example, when a suspicious letter was dropped off at company headquarters, the team launched an investigation within the Ontic Platform and began compiling video footage and other related data. They were able to quickly trace the letter to a friend of the Chief Executive Officer and avoid a long, complicated (and likely inaccurate) trail otherwise.

The Outcome

Moving away from a manual, ad-hoc approach, the team now has:

Dynamic Database of Threat Intel
A single source of easily searchable documentation for sharing information across teams. Over five years of hard copy reports were digitized in just two days.

Efficient Reporting Process
When researching threats, such as an employee stalking case, the team no longer spends three or four days looking through web browser results and manually assembling them into a report. Ontic’s Platform allows them to trace information almost instantly back to the threat actor.

Standardized Templates for Documentation
Often working with third party contractors, their process of manual written reports left room for error, and writing styles varied greatly from person to person. They now leverage standardized report fields to ensure everything is covered.


Our team was able to catalog over five years of hard-copy data within a digital, easily searchable platform in just a couple of days.

Client Risk Intelligence Advisor, Global Biotechnology Company

Clients who reported a decrease in the number of independent solutions (63%) eliminated upwards of four stand-alone tools and systems by implementing the Ontic platform.

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