Moving beyond cameras to protect a high-profile executive


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The situation

Executive protection teams dream of days where nothing happens. However, when several gunshots were heard in the middle of the evening from a vehicle on the perimeter of the chief executive officer’s property, the hope for a dream day evaporated quickly.

Relying on physical hardware (cameras) to monitor activity on and around this executive’s personal residence and corporate campus, the team had grown accustomed to scrambling for information when an issue arose. They spent countless hours manually collecting data while trying to detect patterns and anomalies, unsure of its accuracy by the time it was ready to be presented.


The solution

When swiveling back and forth between various systems became too burdensome, the Executive Protection Team made the decision to unify all available data in the Ontic Protective Intelligence Platform. Not only was their existing, hardware-sourced data now centralized, but it was now presented in the form of actionable intelligence.

Having one source allowed the team to manage, search, and view crucial information in the platform, giving the Executive Protection Team the ability to be ready for unwanted moments — such as the gunshots near the executive’s residence.

The outcome

Within the timeframe of the gunshots being fired, the team used the information in Ontic to:

Generate a comprehensive report of activity
The report highlighted four vehicles passing the perimeter of the residence

Visualize activity patterns
Activity patterns identified three of the four vehicles routinely passing by and one vehicle that had never been observed before

Resolve the identity of the vehicle owner
A complete investigative profile was created, and the team had a confirmed identity of the vehicle owner drawn from patterns in
activity report in only 90 minutes


“Quickly determining the root cause of the gunshots, and not spending the following workday(s) being distracted by the unknown, was helpful for our team and the safety of the principals and employees. ”


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